Friday, May 6, 2011

It Only Gets Grosser From Here

Here's an update to last night's project:

Only got to spend a few hours on it today, but we have eyes now! Their base is a red sphere made in C4D with hella reflectivity (you can see the soft box lights reflecting in their surfaces). The disgusting pupils and irises are from a photograph of clouds with a Spherize filter applied in Photoshop and then warped around with the Liquify tool for variation. Here's a screenshot of the eye stalks being modeled.
The stalks have only begun to make an appearance, but more stalks and eyes come the next time I work on this project (tomorrow? I've got a big weekend ahead of me...). The gross little wart growth things on the stalk were created by dropping a sphere mesh into a Cloner object in Cinema 4D and then adding a Random object to that, which spread the spheres out in a randomized 3-D array and varied their sizes. Then all I had to do was change the input seed until I had something that looked pretty (fucking horrific).

In NYC-related news, there was a pretty awesome flat I was looking at when I visited NYC last month that was the perfect storm of a good price, a good location, a good building, and hella rad roommates. I was under the impression that my renting the place was a pretty sure thing, but that fell apart last week with news from one of the potential roommates that there were other potential renters and that the person leaving may not be leaving as soon as he thought. My contact said we could talk in a week and she'd have a better idea of the situation. Today marked the aforementioned "next week" and she informed me that the only real thing preventing me from living there now was that the Guy Leaving's departure date is up in the air, with it likely falling sometime past the middle of June. I've already resigned myself to searching for other places, so this doesn't really impact my new plan much, save for the fact that the place still has some potential.

Anyway, the full apartment hunt begins next week, with a potential trip back to NYC to scope out my list of flats the following week. Departure date's still set firmly on June 1st, so let's see if I can swing it!

Go read about superfluids now. It'll inspire you...or at least make you think you've gone crazy.

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