Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Break It Down

It's a quick NYC moving update tonight! I had to photomerge a ton of raw photos today that I took of a restaurant and, since the images are hella full of datums, it took my computer quite a long time to crunch through everything. So during the waiting periods, and after about 7pm, I spent every spare hour I had sorting through and cleaning out my studio area of my apartment (the back bedroom). I now have two big trash bags full of garbage, a stack of old plastic and boxes bound for the dumpster, and a pile in the middle of the studio floor of all of the stuff that I plan to give/throw away. I've still got at least another half day of sorting to do before it's all done, but that'll probably end up happening tomorrow.

My plan for the stuff I'm giving away is, as I mentioned yesterday, beer-related. Instead of someone coming over and paying me for things, or even giving me beers, however, the idea behind my plan is a Shared Beers Requirement. The main idea is that if, for instance, an object is rated at 2 Beers, the interested party must come over and have two beers with me before they pick up their new item and split. And that's two beers each, mind you. If they cannot provide their own beers, beers will be provided for them. So if everybody comes over to collect things in one day, I'll probably be dead at the end of that day. But I've got a pretty good assortment of stuff for anyone interested, including big sheets of styrofoam, a lighter in the shape of a pig (the fire comes out its nostrils), an odd bejeweled monkey thing, somewhat jilapidated 4.1 Klipsch speakers and subwoofer that may be better off in the trash (unless you know how to fix a wire), big sheets of nice paper, a giant wooden fork and spoon, a container of gel medium, and a host of other treasures ripe for the picking. I'll have a note up on Facebook tomorrow with the complete List Of Crap You Might Want.

In other news there was a huge lightning storm that I stood at the open window (and outside for a little while) and watched for a pretty long time. It was gorgeous and almost completely silent. I plan to hop back into the monster in the doorway thing tomorrow, but now the sleep happens.

"Every end is a new beginning."

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