Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Today: a cup.

Daily drawing - 10/17/11

Put in a solid hour and a half on this one. It got late, so I stopped.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Updates and Changes!

So I moved to NYC and it's super awesome and I love ever second of it. That's the quick summary of the last three and a half months. I might go into detail more at some point. The real reason I'm writing tonight is because I've vowed to start drawing for an hour every day in order to Level Up my drawing.

I plan to do this quietly, as it's really for me more than it's a big public thing. I don't plan to announce new updates and I'll post every drawing I do, no matter how shitty. Unless it's suuuper shitty. Then I'll think about it. But the main goal is to draw for an hour a day and only give myself two break days a month. You're welcome to comment, criticize constructively, start a flamewar, or be an absolute dick. As I mentioned above, I'm really just doing this as a drawing journal for myself. I'll draw a lot of different things, some from life and others from my head, and do my best to post them the day I do them. Expect things to start out crappy and stay crappy. Probably for years. Let's see if I can stick with it.

I drew for two hours today, one hour spent drawing my mouse in its dock, and the other drawing this alien beast thing using some anatomy and People Drawing skills I've picked up. This is for October 16th.