Sunday, November 13, 2011

A bunch of updates at once

You thought I'd quit the drawing only two days deep. You were mistaken. Just haven't uploaded until now. I've missed a few days, mainly due to staying ridiculously late at work, but I'm keeping the drawing up. The last week or so has been spent on a single still life. I'm ready to finish it so I can get it off of my desk. Today's intro is drab, humorless, and self-critical.

10/26, 1/25, and 10/23
3.5 hrs total

10/23 quick sketches for an hour. I think I'm still pretty terrible at this. Gotta do it more.

10/20, for an hour. Lots of erasing happened, I suppose. Drawn from an action figure when I was hella tired.

The top of my Wacom stylus. I really like this one.