Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hello, world.

I'd like to extend you my hand and assist you in climbing aboard my Moving To New York blog. I'll likely be typing this blog at my desk, hunched sweaty and shirtless over the keyboard in the midday Charlotte heat as I fight the losing battle of seeing how deep into summer I can go without turning on the air conditioning. But you can, for your own peace of mind, picture me typing from a bubbly, candle-lit bathtub with Lady in Red playing on loop, a fantasy of mine of which until now only an elite few are aware. I have my laptop in one of those giant Zip-Loc bags to prevent electrocution and, more importantly, data loss. A bottle of wine drifts in a bucket of ice, listing to starboard and drifting the calm tubwaters like a derelict who has abandoned her crew to the eternal waters of the unforgiving North Atlantic. All of the candles are holiday candles, so I'm surrounded by the deranged gaze of half-melted snowmen, pumpkins, and Santas Claus. A washcloth is placed strategically over my genitals. Decadence is the main theme here.

Like marriage, the main reason for this blog is to keep me honest. If I have to show off some cool designs or Plans Of Action™ every day, I'm a lot more likely to complete them (I'd like to think). So expect late night coffee-fueled tirades and a general theme of frantic creativity. With fingers tightly crossed behind my back, I hereby vow to post an entry at least six times a week until I move. The main ideas will be my moving plans and job/apartment-hunt progress, 3D and art software I'm learning, links to things that inspire the HELL out of me, and general things I discover about NYC.

So, as my first Inspiration link, I leave you with a song that has never failed to get me pumped - I've used it to get ready for interviews, first dates, art projects, and grocery shopping.

To reach a port we must sail, sometimes with the wind, and sometimes against it. But we must not drift or lie at anchor. -Oliver Wendell Holmes

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